Your lawyer for constitutional complaints in Germany

Welcome to the web site of the Abamatus legal office, your attorney for constitutional complaints in Germany (“Verfassungsbeschwerden”). Lawyer Thomas Hummel and his team will represent you with your constitutional complaint at the German Federal Constitutional Court (“Bundesverfassungsgericht”) or a state constitutional court.

Our crew is fluent in English, so it will be possible for you to communicate in your native or business language without having to learn special legal terms in Germans or risking misunderstandings.
Abamatus offers its service not only at our main offices near Munich or in Bavaria, but all throughout Germany. We also serve clients worldwide when they have contact with German constitutional law. Modern means of communication make it possible to launch constitutional complaints without meeting in person – no matter whether you are from Berlin, London, the US, Asia or Australia.

The office has intense experience with the legal surroundings of constitutional complaints, basic rights and other aspects of German constitutional law. Especially in a legal field most lawyer are not accustomed to, competent counsel and representation is paramount.

Our English homepage is not completely ready yet, so some texts on this web site may still be in German. Please use an automated translation service for those pages. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Constitutional complaints are the last chance the German law provides to win a case. Usually, the specialiced courts (for civil, criminal, administrative or tax cases) have decided before. You have invested a lot of time, nerves and money into those trials.

A constitutional complaint is – we are being completely honest here – costly. It will usually take a few thousand euros to pay for all legal services. In exchange your case will get the full attention of lawyer Thomas Hummel and his legal assistants.

General questions on constitutional complaints are answered on our homepage. Furthermore, we provide links to English language articles on the topic of “Verfassungsbeschwerden”.

If you decide to make use of our service, please contact us rapidly via telephone, e-mail or text message (also WhatsApp). The time for constitutional actions is usually very short. All other topics can be discussed subsequently.

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