Legal fees and costs

A constitutional complaint is demanding and needs the office’s complete attention for quite some time. In especially hasty cases, it may even take all employees’ work for several days. This will, of course, affect the costs of our services.

You usually have to expect costs of about 3500 to 6000 euros for the motion and the written reasoning of constitutional complaint. In very simple cases the price my be lowered to around 2000 euros plus VAT. For complex proceedings, higher costs may apply.

This covers the entire work done by the law office, both by the lawyer and the legal assistants. Usually no further costs apply since there won’t be an oral hearing.

You will get an offer for a price for the whole work immediately after sending the necessary documents.

On the other hand, no court fees apply. The Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) works for free unless the case is obviously without any merit.

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